Who We Are

Our co-founders

launched FlexHub during their parental leaves in search of opportunities that allowed them the flexibility they needed to support their families along with the chance to thrive in their careers.   

The job matching service went live in January of 2017, but after heading back to work themselves and Learning more about the market, they realized there was also an opportunity to expand flexhub services to support professionals and employers throughout the entire Parental journey - to be more human. 

Allison Swelin is on a mission to inspire others to thrive, not just survive. With over 10 years of product management experience, her career has taken her around the world to collaborate with thought leaders and lead strategic initiatives for Garmin, SMART and Motorola. Most recently she spearheaded the creation of the Garmin Health division along with a non-profit passion project called Culture LabxYYC, which seeks to bring workplace culture to the forefront of business strategy.

Heather Chapple is interested in making organizations and systems that work for people.  After working for the United Nations and the Canadian Government in London, Windhoek, Hanoi and Northern Canada I've made my home in Calgary where I'm on a mission to re-design city services through the voices of our citizens and to transform organizations into places for humans to be their best.